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“Aquarium: a Musical Play Performed by thee Mz Sara Century”


Sara Century proves that you can be high on both life and weed at the same time in an 85 minute musical to be performed but once ever in select cities. Sara doesn’t fuck around with repeat performances, so you’ve got to catch her where you can.


MAY 1st – Seattle – Gallery 1412

MAY 2nd – Portland

MAY 6th – Minneapolis

MAY 8th – Milwaukee

MAY 9th – Chicago

MAY 15th – Denver – New Hamsterdam

MAY 16th – ABQ – Tannex

MAY 22nd – LA

MAY 23rd – Oakland – Life Changing Youth Ministries

MAY 24th – San Francisco

And capping it off with two jokey spoken word shows in Portland on the 25th and Seattle on the 27th.

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