Omg an Update from Sara Century

Folks, I am about the worst at updating this site. Partially because I’m perpetually in the process of almost having built an actually pro site, and partially because I apparently hate both the internet and success in relatively equal measure. But check this out! I’m doing weekly comics for The Establishment, which is about the best website currently running for my money (along with Bitch Flicks, Autostraddle, and Bitch Media, just to name a few.) So check in with them on Tuesdays to get new Century strips if you’re the kind of person that loves me, independent media, and the way those two things sometimes combine into this strange symbiotic beast.

Hope everyone’s doing great! It’s a real zany world out there so remember to take care of each other! Here’s a link to the first strip of many to come!

Debate Nausea 2016


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