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New Zines by Century

I just released 3 new zines, and you can find them all at ! Here’s what’s new:

New Girlfriend #5

Oh shit! I used to do this comic about my ex-girlfriends and all the feelings I have called New Girlfriend. The most common response to it was, “Wow, you sure have a lot of feelings,” to which I could only respond, “Yeah dude.” I don’t like to talk about feelings quite as much as I used to in my mid-20s before I was traumatized a bunch of more times, but that’s why New Girlfriend #5 is just a comic about 1. Awkward dates 2. Sex dreams I have had and 3. Getting depressed and watching literally 30 Ingmar Bergman movies in a month.

How to Become a Lesbian Vampire Movie

This zine is exactly what it says it is. Compiling what amounts to 5 different articles I have written for various publications on the subject of lesbian vampires, there comes this zine: How to Become a Lesbian Vampire Movie. This breaks down the history of lesbian vampires, which is a genre that was invented by and for dudes, but ended up playing a huge role in my emotional development regardless. What better person is here to learn from than me, the world’s leading authority on lesbian vampires?

I Promise to Be Sad When You Aren’t Here Anymore, Collected Writings by Sara Century

This is just collected pieces I’ve written, and they’re all different subjects, so here’s a list:

You Can Leave Whenever You Want – This is about having an intense crush on a friend, but being so indecisive about it that it goes nowhere.

The Night of 3 Half-Finished Beers – About the self enforced emotional isolation that often occurs after trauma, and how sick I am of getting harassed at concerts.

I Was Born into a Violent World – My argument against violence, detailing somewhat my existing relationship with violence and the violent abuse I lived through as a child.

I Promise to Be Sad When You Aren’t Here Anymore – On losing friendships, and what friendship means to me.

Did You Used to Be a Punk – About two really adorable teens that saw my Dead Kennedys tattoo on the bus.


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