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New Zines by Century

I just released 3 new zines, and you can find them all at ! Here’s what’s new:

New Girlfriend #5

Oh shit! I used to do this comic about my ex-girlfriends and all the feelings I have called New Girlfriend. The most common response to it was, “Wow, you sure have a lot of feelings,” to which I could only respond, “Yeah dude.” I don’t like to talk about feelings quite as much as I used to in my mid-20s before I was traumatized a bunch of more times, but that’s why New Girlfriend #5 is just a comic about 1. Awkward dates 2. Sex dreams I have had and 3. Getting depressed and watching literally 30 Ingmar Bergman movies in a month.

How to Become a Lesbian Vampire Movie

This zine is exactly what it says it is. Compiling what amounts to 5 different articles I have written for various publications on the subject of lesbian vampires, there comes this zine: How to Become a Lesbian Vampire Movie. This breaks down the history of lesbian vampires, which is a genre that was invented by and for dudes, but ended up playing a huge role in my emotional development regardless. What better person is here to learn from than me, the world’s leading authority on lesbian vampires?

I Promise to Be Sad When You Aren’t Here Anymore, Collected Writings by Sara Century

This is just collected pieces I’ve written, and they’re all different subjects, so here’s a list:

You Can Leave Whenever You Want – This is about having an intense crush on a friend, but being so indecisive about it that it goes nowhere.

The Night of 3 Half-Finished Beers – About the self enforced emotional isolation that often occurs after trauma, and how sick I am of getting harassed at concerts.

I Was Born into a Violent World – My argument against violence, detailing somewhat my existing relationship with violence and the violent abuse I lived through as a child.

I Promise to Be Sad When You Aren’t Here Anymore – On losing friendships, and what friendship means to me.

Did You Used to Be a Punk – About two really adorable teens that saw my Dead Kennedys tattoo on the bus.

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Omg an Update from Sara Century

Folks, I am about the worst at updating this site. Partially because I’m perpetually in the process of almost having built an actually pro site, and partially because I apparently hate both the internet and success in relatively equal measure. But check this out! I’m doing weekly comics for The Establishment, which is about the best website currently running for my money (along with Bitch Flicks, Autostraddle, and Bitch Media, just to name a few.) So check in with them on Tuesdays to get new Century strips if you’re the kind of person that loves me, independent media, and the way those two things sometimes combine into this strange symbiotic beast.

Hope everyone’s doing great! It’s a real zany world out there so remember to take care of each other! Here’s a link to the first strip of many to come!

Debate Nausea 2016

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Piece for Bitch on Queer Women in Horror Films

Yay, Bitch! Yay, Bitch’s web editor Sarah Mirk for her supreme editing skills! Yay, queer female characters in horror films!

Read article here!


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9 Pretty Great Lesbian Vampire Movies

I really like lesbian vampire movies and I also perhaps am a lesbian vampire movie, more on that later. For now, I made a list for the righteous Bitch Flicks of my favorite lesbian vampire films!

9 Pretty Great Lesbian Vampire Movies


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Why Lesbian Vampire Movies Are Terrible Yet Glorious

Autostraddle rules, and I just wrote another piece for them, this one about lesbian vampires (go figure).

Read the article here!


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What’s New With Century?

What’s been going on with me? I seem really busy, but what am I working on, and where, and why? Listen to this interview with Undressing Underground to find out what all I’ve been working on and for and towards this year!

Undressing Underground Podcast Episode 39 SARA CENTURY

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Edgar Allan Poecast

Myself and several other writers read Edgar Allan Poe stories. My contribution was “Berenice,” THE SCARIEST STORY!

Listen here!

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Wow, New Music Video!

I make all my own music videos, and I recorded everything myself! Wow, it’s sure a lot of work, but here’s the result!

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Buy Sara Century Prints, Tapes, and T-Shirts (100)

There is SO MUCH STUFF you can buy, and I’m always making more. So do it! It’s some cool shit.

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“Aquarium: a Musical Play Performed by thee Mz Sara Century”


Sara Century proves that you can be high on both life and weed at the same time in an 85 minute musical to be performed but once ever in select cities. Sara doesn’t fuck around with repeat performances, so you’ve got to catch her where you can.


MAY 1st – Seattle – Gallery 1412

MAY 2nd – Portland

MAY 6th – Minneapolis

MAY 8th – Milwaukee

MAY 9th – Chicago

MAY 15th – Denver – New Hamsterdam

MAY 16th – ABQ – Tannex

MAY 22nd – LA

MAY 23rd – Oakland – Life Changing Youth Ministries

MAY 24th – San Francisco

And capping it off with two jokey spoken word shows in Portland on the 25th and Seattle on the 27th.

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