Zines I’ve done that are out of print: New Girlfriend, Baby Hair.

Zines I contribute to Frequently: Asswipe, Teeth Dreams, and the ZAPP zine.

Currently available zines include:

Cut #1, a comic I did in 2014 that you can buy / read about here.


I’m in the process of relaunching a podcast, but in the meantime, there’s…

Interviews in Podcast Form About Feminism

A Video in Which I Passionately Praise Hellraiser’s Feminism

An Episode of Undressing Underground in Which I Read “Berenice” by Edgar Allan Poe

Then there is my published articles:

The Power of Zines

Review of The Spitboy Rule

How the X-Men Movies Fail Storm

Piece on Argentian Director Lucia Puenzo

7 Rad Queer Female Characters from the Black & White Era

Why Maxine from Being John Malkovich is My Everything

10 Films About Queer Women of Color

People Got Sad Cos I Was Too Mean to the Walking Dead

My Favorite Lesbian Movies

Brief Descriptions of the Lesbian Selection on Netflix

8 Amazing Martial Arts Movies with Female Leads

9 Pretty Great Lesbian Vampire Movies

Vampires Psychics and Ghosts: A Look at Queer Women in Horror

Why Lesbian Vampire Movies are Terrible but also Totally Amazing

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